Tips to Prevent and Respond to Identity and Credit Card Theft

  • Steps to take to prevent identify theft
    • Use only the last four digits of your account number when paying your credit card accounts.
    • Use your work phone number and a PO Box (if you have one) instead of your home phone and address.
    • Do not have your Social Security Number printed on your checks.
    • Keep photocopies of important records in a safe place.
    • Write “photo ID required” on the back of your credit cards, instead of signing them
  • How to limit the damage if your identity or credit card information is stolen
    • Cancel/freeze your credit cards immediately
    • File a police report immediately
    • Call immediately to place a “fraud alert” with the three major credit monitoring agencies: Equifax: (800) 525-6285; Experian (formerly TRW): (888) 397-3742; Trans Union: (800) 680 7289

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